Assessment & Testing

Tests and Measurement Service

The Test and Measurement Center of the Operations Department at IBS provides various automated test services with high quality. IBS allows this service to be combined with an integrated set of other services, or to be used as an independent tool by the client in the process of selecting or promoting employees, determining their training needs, or training them, or for examining the abilities of candidates.

Automated Exam Service

IBS provides a secure and efficient automated testing service for customers who need to administer their tests electronically and through the web. The service meets the needs of a wide range of organizations including, public, private, professional, training as well academic organizations. It can be used for testing staff and students, capturing any type of exam question. The service features include, among others, tracking, immediate reporting (anytime, anywhere), controlling question and exam times, specific area testing, test scheduling and ease of use. The Automated Exam Service can be tailored for the specific needs of interested clients and is planned and supported by the IT team at IBS.

Professional Certification Tests

  • ACI The Financial Market Association- France
  • Certified Documentary Credit Specialist – USA, France, UK
  • Certified Manager (CM), ICPM- USA
  • Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) – UK 

English Language Tests

  • Computerized English Language Placement Test (ELPT)
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment, the University of Cambridge, UK

 Specialized skills tests  

  • Measuring the level of understanding of specialization in various majors Test
  • Typing speed and accuracy Test
  • Computer and Microsoft Office skills Test

Psychometric Test

  • Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) Test
  • General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) Test