Islamic Banking and Finance


In light of the steady growth of the Islamic Banking industry and foreseeing the future of the industry locally, regionally and globally; the Institute of Banking Studies has established its Islamic Programs’ Center many years back with the purpose of meeting the needs of the Islamic Banking and Financial sector, developing the industry and supporting its Human Resources with the highest qualifications.

The Center offers a number of Professional Certification programs accredited regionally and internationally, and presents a number of specialized programs in line with its strategic plan to cater to the needs of the Banking sector.

It has also made outstanding contributions in assisting the transformation of a number of institutions from traditional to Islamic banking through special program offerings.

The IBS Management is keen on developing and upgrading the services and activities offered to meet the human developmental requirements of the Kuwaiti Banking and Financial sector in accordance with the latest, state-of-the-art competitive standards

  • Certified of Islamic Banking and Financial Services
  • The Certified Islamic Bank Manager
  • The Certified Islamic Specialist in Trade Finance
  • Certified Islamic Specialist in Banking Accounting
  • Certified Islamic Specialist in Risk Management
  • Certified of Qualification in Islamic Finance