Facilities & Services


The IBS occupies an 11-storey building, with the basement dedicated for utilities, a ground floor and 9 functional floors. The building currently houses 12 classrooms/training halls, 2 grand lecture halls and 4 computer labs. The IBS facilities also include internet Wi-Fi service, 2 cafeterias and prayer halls.

KIBS Kuwait


The Institute employs a core team of full-time faculty of professional bankers and trainers, whose role is to lead the process of research for cutting edge ideas and events, needs identification, program and course development, annual planning, sourcing faculty and assessment of learning effectiveness.

At the same time, IBS has developed a large and growing network of part-time and visiting faculty from prominent banks, professional organizations and renowned universities and free-lance trainers from different fields. With this combined approach, the Institute ensures the quality of the faculty delivering its courses.