Consultancy & Research

Consultancy and Research

Since 1983, the IBS has been preparing specialized studies and researches addressing the problems and issues facing the banking sector in the State of Kuwait in all fields, with the purpose of strengthening and increasing the effectiveness and quality of decisions taken when dealing with these issues.

Research Studies

In 2002, a permanent committee for researches and studies was formed at the IBS, in which all the banks contributing to finance the IBS were represented. Its mission was to propose a list of topics examined and studied annually by the Consultation and Research Department. It includes a member from each bank, in addition to the head of the committee from the Central Bank of Kuwait (12 members).

IBS's Publications

Data Provision, "Bayanati"

For nearly 30 years, the IBS has been preparing periodic reports concerned with evaluating and presenting financial data for the performance of local and regional banks and companies listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, as well as presenting economic and financial data of interest to decision makers and bankers in general. Since the beginning of its operation, the administration has issued 114 periodical publications before it was agreed to stop printing and issuing these reports as a final, to be replaced by the “Bayanati” service, which was officially launched in March 2016.

Periodical Publications


A bulletin published in Arabic using non-specialized language to address topics of interest to the general public. It covers many important financial and banking topics.   

These and previous bulletins are available on the IBS web page.

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