Director General’s Message

The Institute of Banking Studies believes in the importance of the human element in building countries and their institutions, and we are always keen to develop the skills of cadres working in most sectors in their various fields of work. The Institute has contributed to the training and development of these cadres over the past decades, and has worked on developing national cadres in particular and developing their capabilities. We have developed a well-defined approach and policy, based on professional and scientific principles, to attain the achievements that have been accomplished to this day, to become today an important training edifice with a distinguished position locally and regionally.

Since the Institute of Banking Studies was founded, more than five decades ago, we have been able to deal with all challenges professionally, by investing our long experience in the field of training and development, and through the professional relationships we have established with many international bodies and institutions in this field.

We are always working to meet the needs of our different clients, and continue to keep pace with the rapid changes in the field of human resources training and development, as the methods of providing training programs have diversified to suit these changes through virtual training, and the provision of E-Learning programs that we have offered and developed since 2001/2002. This is in addition to continuing to hold training programs in person in the halls. We hope with this diversity to provide all the services that suit our clients.

We are always keen to communicate with local Kuwaiti banks, as they are our largest client-base, as well as various authorities and institutions in order to achieve the best services by preparing plans and designing many training programs to provide them with professionalism and high quality, and to identify their training needs to provide the best services, and to work continuously to expand the base of beneficiaries of our services inside and outside the State of Kuwait, believing in the importance of the Institute’s role in contributing to the development of human resources in the banking and financial sector, and all sectors of the state of Kuwait in a manner that serves society as a whole.

We are also keen to continue to provide distinguished services and activities, and work to keep pace with the labor market and its renewable and changing requirements to provide everything new in the business world. We do that through participating in important events, supporting various initiatives, and working to develop the programs and services that we provide to serve the continued development of human resources in the Kuwaiti banking and financial sectors, and all other institutions and sectors in the country.

We hope that the Institute will achieve its mission, and that we will have a role in contributing to the development and building of the economy of our beloved country, Kuwait.

Best Wishes,

Rana A Al-Nibari

Director General