Director General’s Message

We at the Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies (KIBS) believe in the importance of equipping and empowering bankers and professionals in financial institutions with the skills and knowledge to further their career with relevant professional learning. KIBS has contributed to the training and development of these professionals over the past decades and has worked on developing the capabilities of national cadres. We have crafted a defined approach and policy based on professional and scientific principles to attain our many achievements, a factor that reinforces our role as a training edifice with a distinguished position in Kuwait and the region.

Since its establishment more than five decades ago, KIBS has thoroughly invested in its vast experience in the field of training and development by establishing ties with various international bodies and institutions.

Our training programs are based specifically on our clients’ unique needs and requirements. While we continue to hold in-person programs, we constantly work to meet our diverse client base’s requests to keep pace with the rapid changes in the field of human resource training and development with virtual and e-learning programs.

Maintaining open lines of communication and fostering the utmost level of transparency with Kuwait’s banks as well as various authorities and institutions gives us the opportunity to excel in the training programs we provide. Additionally, we continuously work to expand the beneficiary base of our services locally and across the region as we believe in the importance of KIBS’ role in contributing to the development of human resources in the banking and financial industry to serve society as a whole.

We at KIBS are keen on providing exceptional services that contend with the labor market and its changing requirements to supply all that is new in the business world. This is achieved through our participation in important and relevant events, supporting various initiatives and developing programs and services to serve the continued advancement of human resources in the Kuwaiti banking and financial sectors and other institutions in the region.

We hope that KIBS will achieve its mission and maintain its role in developing Kuwait’s economy now and in the future.


Rana A Al-Nibari

Director General